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Welcome to the website of FRIOFRISUR!

Rapid communication and transmission of information, accessibility and permanent availability, clarity in the services offered and interactive and easy collaboration with our current and future partners. The above tools and our customer-centric corporate culture allow us to partner win-win with our clients in a rapidly evolving company and our industry.

As a company, FRIOFRISUR offers logistics services. People, for people and by people. Whether this site is a starting point or a stop to match the roads to take, to achieve a collective success and to learn more about our organization.
Of course, our employees are always ready to provide you with more personal information.

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Who are we ?

FRIOFRISUR unites the strengths of a strong Moroccan-European group with the flexibility of a small-scale enterprise.

Thanks to our customized and qualitative logistic solutions, we are the suitable partner for both large industrial loaders and small and medium-sized companies. We want to respond quickly and efficiently to the specific needs of our customers.

Our main concern is the tranquility of our customers: we think proactively with the customer so that he can leave us his shipment with confidence. With our many years of experience in the logistics world, FRIOFRISUR has become a 4-pl player, someone who is a chain manager, seeking the best solutions for customers.

Our intention is not to become the biggest, but to become the best by working closely and harmoniously with our customers. Our personalized service policy is the basis for future growth in innovative and market-driven logistics.

The essence of this successful strategy lies in the attraction and maintenance of competent and motivated employees and with a constant concern for quality.

Stratégie Strategy

Friofrisur wants to be recognizable by being and staying oneself.
We achieve this by thinking, designing and doing.

We are considering how to achieve a win-win situation for each party. For this, we seek partnerships with our existing and potential customers, our suppliers and other relationships.

We put ourselves in our customer’s shoes and reflect on the possible solution. A personalized interpretation and a realistic overview of our possibilities are of paramount importance.

We conceive how to position ourselves as a forerunner in the market: inventive, qualitative, strategic and productive.

Our employees play the main role. We design qualitative recruitment, training paths and career prospects.

Our corporate characteristics serve as our foundation: young and dynamic, brilliant and innovative, experienced and reliable.

All our employees allow FRIOFRISUR to be a great action company.